Part2melt hose equipments attach melters pump systems with the respective application heads to each other. Durable and flexible hoses meet highest safety standards for suitable using in different applications.

Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses Features

The hoses are manufactured from high quality materials hoses are heated. They have highly flexible, energy optimized.

In this way, the heated hoses are durable and have a long service life. Part2melt heated hoses enable a constant temperature across their total length and are able to prevent changes in adhesive viscosity. The core of the heated hose is resistant to hot melt adhesives and high temperatures. These hoses can also be attached with moving systems and application heads. Besides, they can be used to high pressure levels.

Cold Glue Hoses Features

Part2melt cold glue hoses have resistant against corosion and vapor diffusion. Our company supplies in different sizes and lengths that are suited for different pressures.Our hoses range consists of everything from fabric hoses with large diameter and quick release fastener to PE hoses with smaller diameter. Part2melt cold glue hoses are producted by supporting against long adhesive transport distances.